Kray Z Comics and Stories 275: The Doctor is Strange

Cory!! and Joe talk Doctor Strange in anticipation of the movie!

They talk about the comics from the time of Lee and Ditko all the way to the current series, including:

  • When did they each first encounter Doctor Strange?
  • A talk about the Ditko run and how it was different from most other comics at the time
  • How the series fell apart after Ditko until Roy Thomas took over
  • Steve Englehart’s run and how it changed the character of Doctor Strange
  • How Steve Englehart was able to have Doctor Strange fight God
  • When Clea slept with Ben Franklin
  • Frank Miller on Doctor Strange? What?
  • How an artist got Marvel sued over a cover swipe
  • The third Doctor Strange series was a LOT OF CROSSOVERS.
  • What they did with Doctor Strange during the 20 years he didn’t have his own series.
  • Cory!! and Joe recommend the best Doctor Strange graphic novels.

All of this, freaking and geeking and the usual shenanigans! Be there, aloha!


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