Kray Z Comics and Stories 58: Catchup Part 2

We start today’s show in medias res. OK, that means In the middle, but I wanted to use a fancy term for it so that I could feel like I haven’t wasted those four years in college getting a minor in English. Our last episode ended in the middle of a conversation, and this one picks up right where Joe’s internet crapped the bed. That’s right, I used the term “crapped the bed” to make up for all of the fancy Latin stuff I started with. It’s all about balance.

As Cory was reading the Buffy series, he started thinking about TV and movie tie-ins with Joe about how shops could use media tie-in comics to bring in new readers. They sidetrack into talking about Jim Shooter’s blog and him misrepresenting how the sales department worked with newsstands and how tie-in books like G. I. Joe and Transformers to bring in new readers.

They then finish up this two parter by talking about what they want from comics in 2012. And no, neither of them want a hug. All of this and the usual shenanigans in this episode of Kray Z Comics and Stories!



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