Kray Z Comics and Stories 292: Lack Of A Blizzard Con

Joe went to BlizzardCon and Cory!! went to work, and Joe has a report from the show. They also talk about small dealer conventions and the difference between them and bigger conventions. Joe also talks about things he did to promote his shop at a convention as well as if comic shops should compete or cooperate. This leads to a discussion of Marvel discussing price points at ComicsPro and what the cost of comics means for a comic shop’s success. They also discuss:

  • They skipped going to Smackdown Live to record, which leads Cory!! to talk about going to TV tapings for WWE and other companies
  • We have a scoop for when the MCBA’s FallCon will be!
  • Cory!!’s growing Omnibus addiction
  • Joe finds obscure comics and throws them onto eBay:
  • Cory!! spills the beans on how Shinders finally got involved in the MCBA Conventions
  • What was the comic that Warren Ellis and George Perez did that no one bought?

All of this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more!


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