Kray Z Comics and Stories 297: Kray-Versity

Marvel decided to set the internet aflame! A Marvel exec said at a sales conference that Marvels’ sales slump is caused by their embrace of diversity and bringing in new characters. Cory!!, Joe and Joe’s pal Turbo decide to dig into this in discussing if diversity is a positive thing, what may be causing the sales slump and the issues Marvel is having over the last year. They also discuss:

  • That there are too many damn comics!
  • Variant Covers. Again.
  • Characters taking over the names of characters that have been put aside
  • Are there still superstar artists?
  • Why aren’t new artists “moving the needle”?
  • What happens when a lot of art styles are the same
  • Why companies push writers instead of artists
  • What artists do they buy no matter the story?
  • Did the rise of Manga kill the idea of the “hot artist”?
  • Did the lack of chain stores hurt comic sales?

All of the this, freaking and geeking and the proverbial much, much more!


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