Kray Z Comics and Stories 67: A Very Special Avengers Episode

It’s part one of a Very Special Episode giving the history of The Avengers! Joe begins by talking about the Japanese Ghost Ship and Cory!! talks about his love of big budget bomb movies, and it’s hard to believe they actually get to covering the Avengers comic.

In this episode, Cory!! and Joe discuss:

-Cory’s Easter Traditions

-Another New York Adventure from Joe

-The comic Liberality For All as well as the Hart Fischer comics of the 90’s

-What we know about Marvel starting the Avengers comic

-The early days of the Avengers written by Stan Lee

-Roy Thomas’s run on the book

-Steve Englehart’s run, including the Celestial Madonna story and the first pseudo JLA crossover

-Why Gerry Conway took over from Englehart

-Jim Shooter’s run including the Korvac saga and the infamous Avengers #200

-Avengers Annual 10

-Roger Stern’s run, including the Masters of Evil story and the Avengers on David Letterman

-Walt Simonson’s incredibly short run on the book

-Why John Byrne’s run on the book pissed Cory off.

-Larry Hama’s short run

-The long, poorly done

-Bob Harris run, including the worst Avengers story ever written

-The Rob Liefeld Avengers and Onslaught

-Kurt Busiek’s run and it;s followups

-The Bendis run as well as the Disassembled story arc

-What’s going on in the Avengers books currently

-What trades should you pick up if you want to know about the past of the Avengers

All of this and some of the usual shenanigans! What are you waiting for, download it!


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