Kray Z Comics and Stories: Episode 69 Gotta Bet

OK, it’s episode 69, so you know it’s going to be dirty. There will be bad words and Joe and Cory talk about bad things like selling porn and gambling. You may not want to play this episode for 5 year olds unless you want us calling child protection on you.

-Cory talks about his time working at a comic shop that also sold porn, and explains why some of the boxes of porn came wrapped by the department of defense.

-Joe wants to know if shops would reseal packs of baseball cards

-Why saying 69 means you have to bet

-Illicit poker games in the back rooms of comic shops

-People losing hundreds of dollars in those poker games

-What the best radio station on Sirius/XM is

-They talk more Avengers vs X-Men

-Why Avengers vs X-Men is reigniting the “What happens next?!?” excitement

-How much Cory like Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade

-Cory is loving the Ditko Spider-Man stories

-Joe and Cory have a debate over creator’s rights and how some creators are still getting screwed

All of this, plus the usual shenanigans, visits from crickets and Much Much More!



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