Kray Z Comics and Stories 343: Glorious

We had a bunch of special episodes, so Cory!! and Joe haven’t talked comics and geek stuff, so it’s a comics potpourri of comics, TVC, movies, books and the like. So, they discuss:

  • More talk of hot dogs, fruit pies, and breakfast cereals
  • Skype is mad at Joe.
  • Joe had a Saturday off and hit BlizzardWorld Convention in Minneapolis and a couple of comics shops.
  • For President’s Day, Cory!! lets Joe know who his favorite president is.
  • Star Trek Discovery,. What did Cory!! think?
  • Joe discusses his feelings on the upcoming Star Wars films.
  • Why did they upgrade the special effects in Star Trek the original series?
  • Stuff from the new Previews that is going to drain their wallets.
  • Ragnarok by Walt Simonson
  • They both discuss Box Day!

All of this, the usual shenanigans, freaking and geeking, and much, much more!


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