Kray Z Comics and Stories 365: Our Favorite 90’s Comics

It’s time to talk about the 90’s!  Flannel shirts, grunge music, crappy Batman movies and lots and lots of terrible comics!  They weren’t ALL bad, so this week, Cory!!, Joe and special guest Stephanie Cofell! Stephanie isn’t just the co-host of podcast Scrabbling Across The West (, but she also was a comics colorist at DC, Vertigo, Archie and other publishers!

So, all three of them talk about their ten favorite comics from the 90’s in this Super Sized Episode!

They also discuss:

  • Joe’s internet was so terrible, Cory!! Went through 19 nervous breakdowns editing the episode.
  • Why Stephanie likes Lobo because of Cop Rock.
  • How The Death of Superman helped Joe make his shop professional
  • A bear sighting in the show, and no, it’s not Cory!! wearing a muscle shirt.
  • Comics that changed our lives.
  • Hipwatch!
  • Cory!! Sneaks in a reference to the Gobbiltygooker!

All of this, the usual shenanigans, Joe’s crappy internet and much, much more!


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