Kray Z Comics and Stories 367: A Shot Of Reviews

Joe is falling apart as his hip has turned to the dark side, his blood sugar is up and his blood pressure.. However, after shot that he talks about in detail, he IS able to read some comics, so he and Cory!! decide to review a bunch of the comics they have been reading!

  • Fantastic Four #1
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 & 2
  • Batman 66/Archie #1
  • Amazing Spider=Man #1 & 2
  • Little Girl #1
  • Archie #32
  • She Could Fly #1
  • Life of Captain Marvel #1
  • The Cape
  • Essential Tales of the Zombie
  • The Seeds #1
  • Comic Book Implosion

They also discuss:

  • Stan Lee is retiring from conventions.
  • DC to increase their Wal-Mart comics
  • Joe’s HipWatch continues
  • Cory!! had time off!!!
  • Cory!! and Joe debate if Mary Jane Watson was a super-model.

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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