Kray Z Comics and Stores 76: Somebody Call My Momma

A NEW Theme! That’s right, Joe made Cory change the theme song, but he’s still not happy, but is Joe ever happy? It’s a show filled with Comic Talk AND a NEW Sponsor:

Topics include:

  •  Joe fills us in on his latest adventures in Las Vegas.
  •  Geeking and Freaking –
  • Joe hit three comic shops in Vegas and gives a report on them
  • The 56 different covers for Mars Attacks #1
  • Everything you wanted to know about Gabe Kaplan
  • The on going Star Trek comic series
  • Batman Incorporated
  • Marvel’s creative changes
  • DC’s Zero issues
  • Tales from the Shop
  • How did Joe deal with the gimmicks like Zero issues, the negative one issues, Nuff sad (silent) issues
  • The Spider-Man marriage
  • The Turok Prismatic foil cover
  • Chrome comic book covers

They also discuss the situation with former comics writer Bill Mantlo, the rights to ROM, and a lot of other comics and non-comics stuff.


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