Kray Z Comics and Stories 87: A Moon, A Girl, Comics!

Joe fills us in on the one thing there is to do in Liberal Kansas other than look for the Children of the Corn. What is it? We aren’t going to spoil it, download the damn show and listen already!

It’s a potpourri of topics and Joe and Cory!! discuss:

  • Putting pr0n on your LinkedIn page
  • Vampirella and what Joe did when he bought a complete run of the magazine as well as a run of Hot Wheels cars at the same time…which one sold first?
  • They talk horror comics, a VERY brief history focusing on Tomb of Dracula, Tiwsted Tales and Alien Worlds and Vertigo
  • What comics creeped them out over the years
  • Obscure comic book characters – Joe’s is The House of Shadows at Marvel and Cory’s is Moon Girl from EC.
  • Geeking and freaking

Plus the usual shenanigans and much, much more. And if you aren’t careful, you might LEARN something before it’s done!


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