Kray Z Comics and Stories 14: Sales Stories

After last week’s sad news avalanche, we have one more bit of sad news before we get into the podcast.  OK, two more, but if we said there was a LOT more bad news it may depress you too much to listen.  However, we talk sales figures, so that can be sad news as well.

We count down the top ten comics and graphic novels for April 2010,m with snarky commentary and stories along the way.  Cory goes into detail about what he thinks the figures mean as Joe gives his own personal perspective.  We then discuss why people quit collecting, talk about previous price hikes, and discuss how Marvel going from 15 cents to 25 cents and then 20 cents over a three month period finally made them the best selling comics company in the 70’s.   All this and the usual shenanigans into this week’s podcast!


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