Kray Z Comics and Stories 97: Sick and Tired

Joe is sick and Cory!! is tired, but we’re toughing it through to give YOU, our beloved listeners, a new episode to start your work week. After we get their updates, and Joe talks about the covers of Justice League America he bought, Joe lets us know he may have some trouble going to the Minnesota Spring Comic Convention.

From Tales From The Shop, we’ve got a Twofer! Yep, we tell the story of Little Mike, and also discuss “evergreens”, books that sold over a long period of time, with a sidetrack into reprints of Cartoon Network and Disney comics.

From Freaking and Geeking – Joe talks work stuff, Cory talks DC crossovers, a few indy books Joe likes, why Joe likes the current version of the Martian Manhunter, and much, much more.


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