Kray Z Comics and Stories 106: SpringCon 25

It’s just a couple of days until the annual Spring Con here in the great Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in the great state of Minnesota, so Joe and Cory!! talk about the convention. It’s the 25th annual two day convention so they do another Very Special Episode about the convention.

And no, that doesn’t mean that Cory’s Uncle, played by Tom Hanks, gets drunk and slaps him, causing the whole family to come together and get him to join AA.

But first, we hear about Cory’s car taking a dumper again…it’s like deja vu from last year when something went screwy every week. We then get into the origins on the Minnesota convention, how Cory got pulled into the Convention, and why Shinders wanted NOTHING to do with the convention.

We get into the early days of the Con, stories about running the show and much much more!


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