Kray Z Comics and Stories 119: FallCon 2013 Wrapup

It’s the FallCon 2013 wrap up, complete with Joe getting a case of Con Crud, Cory!! actually having a night off, and a discussion of how the government shutdown actually affects them! They also discuss:

  •  Joe sends vague and confusing text messages
  • Why one of the convention organizers was wearing a cowbell
  • Cory impersonates Rochester from the old Jack Benny show. How’s THAT for dated and obscure?
  • They discuss what they bought at the Convention
  • Which super-hero cupcake did Mark Waid choose at the Convention
  • Joe’s Mark Waid story from his comic shop
  • Why the Minnesota convention really doesn’t need to knock themselves out to get “big name” guests.
  • Santa Claus showed up at the convention
  • Joe’s first convention as a dealer
  • Freaking and Geeking

All of this and the proverbial much, much more!


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