Kray Z Comics and Stories 26: Atlas Returns

Joe is hooked on candy corn as if it were black tar heroin as we start the show (and he’s tapping his candy corn dish for the first minute or so). First, we announce a contest with a prize for the upcoming Minneapolis one day convention. As we go through the plugs, we discuss Resident Evil 3, Make-A-Wish and other things connected to the stuff we do.

We talk about what’s going on in their lives other than comics, such as how Cory’s cat thinks he’s a moron, Joe’s pets don’t like their cages, silly things going on at Cory’s part-time job and the joy of pointing out casual racism. Then they discuss the comics they’ve been reading over the last week, and yes, amazingly enough Joe HAS read Spider-Man!! That’s right, we don’t get to comics until about 20 minutes into the show.

Cory then finds a press release about the return of Atlas, so we talk about the origin of the name Atlas, the Atlas/Seaboard company of the mid 70’s and what the new Atlas might be. We then get into how comics fans and retailers deal with new Super-Hero universes and how books like that do well in the market. All this and much, more more…and more appearances by the Kray Z Comics and Stories Crickets (shamelessly stolen from Wrestlecrap radio).


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