Kray Z Comics and Stores 36: Doubly Dangerous

We begin the show with Cory complaining about his horrible haircut, which is what you are looking for in a comic book podcast. We then discuss our wonderful sponsors and (where you get $20 off setting up your website if you use the code Krayz), and wonder if it’s legal for cigarettes to sponsor a podcast. We also talk about the upcoming 2 day Minnesota Comic Con and the stuff we will be doing there. We also go into the news that San Diego Comic Con sold out so fast that most people can’t get in. What in the world should they do? Joe and Cory BOTH have ideas.

Oddly enough, this leads to a discussion of marshmallow microwave popcorn. Really!

Eventually, they DO start discussing comics, with Joe talking about what he’s reading up in Alaska, and Cory!! talks about the difference between DC horror books from the Silver Age and Marvel Monster books from the Silver Age (he even says good things about Don Heck!). They discuss a few other books they’ve been reading, but when they get to the Batman TV being re-run on a cable channel and it leads to declarations of love for Julie Newmar! It also leads to a discussion about wanting super-heroes who are actually heroic instead of just fighting crime, but are just as bad as the criminals they fight.

We have a lot of “Tales From The Shop” as we talk about the end of a local comic shop, what they did wrong, and how comic shops close down from Joe’s perspective. It also bring in discussing overall comics sales, the issues with orders and distributor issues, which Joe and Cory know a lot about.  This leads to a LONG discussion on the mechanics involved in shutting down a comic shop.  All this and more in a Super-Sized Episode!



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