Kray Z Comics and Stories 185: Warning, Dad Jokes

WARNING – Joe starts the show by reading a series of Dad jokes. We don’t know why, we don’t approve and we won’t let it happen again. Cory!! responds by letting Joe know he knows about the site Dicks by Mail and isn’t afraid to use it.

As we get into the show, Joe asks Cory about his job at a group home and it takes the show to a serious discussion of working with developmentally disabled adults. But don’t worry, they eventually DO get to talking about comic books, but not for about a half hour or so. Once they DO start talking comics, they discuss the “Top five most influential comics” list that Joe found, so they talk about Action #1, Captain America #1, Dark Knight Returns, Giant Size X-Men #1 and Fantastic Four #1. We’ve also got listener mail, freaking and geeking, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more!


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