Kray Z Comics and Stories 37: Back Issue Follies

Joe starts complaining during the introduction and doesn’t stop! He’s upset we aren’t weekly, he’s upset that Cory wants to give the name of the podcast, upset that he can’t stop talking about the SpringCon here in Minnesota! After our plugs for and (use the code Krayz to save $20 on your new website!), we talk about the sale of Amazing Fantasy #15 and the heartbreak of slabbing books.

This leads to a discussion of grading comics, with stories of Cory’s time at Shinder’s, Joe talks about a comic he had that turned from rare to crap after being slabbed and we discuss a comic collector/dealer who has one of the most impressive comics collections around. And of course, any story about working at Shinder’s is a story about selling pr0n. But we digress, as we always do. Did you notice we forgot about naming the crickets? And we haven’t sent out the prize for admitting you read Deathmate? Is that a gimmick we ALSO store from Wrestlecrap radio?

We go back to talking about buying comics from customers at Shinder’s, which Joe derails by talking about Facebook. We’ve GOT to get him out of Barrow, Alaska and back to civilization. We then launch into a WHOLE BUNCH of Tales From The Shop, including:

-Cory buying a huge Silver Age collection for pennies on the dollar for Shinder’s

-Joe’s first big buy that started him as a “weekend warrior” buying and selling back issues at conventions

-Joe’s mom breaking copyright laws. Whoops…better hide that from the Lawyers.

-The kind of stuff people would bring into the shop for Joe to buy in the 90’s.

-How Joe got free comics for NOT buying a run of Justice League

-How Cory bought a nearly complete collection of Warren Magazines because a shop owner couldn’t care less about them

-How Joe would get great back issues by not doing anything

-How Cory started doing packs of comic book runs (and we have an appearance of Censor Cat)

-Why the new shop didn’t have back issues, and the state of buying and selling back issues in the current market

All this and the usual shenanigans!



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