Kray Z Comics and Stories 192: The Crazy World of Kray Z Rider

We start off the show with Joe filling us in on the latest crap at his job, Cory!! discusses the song “Fire” by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. They also discuss:

  • Rush having washing machines and rotisserie machines on the stage when they perform
  • Cory’s trip to the Comedy Corner
  • Don’t worry, they get to comics eventually.
  • Joe starts talking about new comic series he’s been enjoying like Insufferable, old comics he likes like ‘Mazing Man, the Secret Wars tie-ins and…
  • CONVERGANCE HAS FINISHED! Cory and Joe discuss the comic and the set up it creates so expect spoilers.
  • A LOT of spoilers
  • Why Joe and Cory haven’t been all that excited about all fo the tie-in mini-series
  • Zero Hour and how it annoyed Cory
  • They discuss this article:
  • And this one:
  • They answer listener mail!
  • They don’t mention Jin Wicked, so she won’t listen to this episode!
  • The DO mention The Whizzer, who won’t listen to this episode either.
  • Why they don’t do the segment “Oh My God, the 90’s Actually Happened!”
  • Freaking and geeking

All of this, plus the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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