Kray Z Comics and Stories 40: Down With The Sickness

OK, we start off with an update on Cory’s very serious medical condition, so if you want to skip that and if you want to skip that and go right to the comic stuff, skip to 34 minutes in for a mention of comics and until 41 minutes before we get into talking about comics.

Cory tells the story of how he ended up in the hospital for the 5 days, and Joe constantly interrupts with internet advice on how he could have gotten better.

Once we get to comics, Joe talks about the trade paperbacks that Cory was able to send up to Joe, and he recommends the ones he likes, and really only feels he wasted his money on a couple of them because they were too short. This leads to us to:

Tales From The Shop which is sponsored by Chris B at Go there. Sign up for the newsletter. Buy her album. DO IT!!!

Out tale from the shop this time is when Joe had a medical issue when he had the small shop. He had to take a week away from the shop when he got a hernia from lifting too many damn comic boxes. Since he was out for a week, he created the League of Substitute Retailers. Finally, they discuss people who have said in interviews that they started reading comics when they were sick for a long time. Cory has a story like that where he was in the hospital after breaking his jaw and reading a bunch of the Giant Size comics from the 70’s and getting hooked on Silver Age Marvel.

This leads to a discussion of understanding the difference between a reprint and a new comic when you are a kid, Peanuts paperbacks, MAD Paperbacks, and Car-Toons magazine of all things. Have you ever seen a copy of Car-Toons magazine? It’s horrible. I’ve seen comics from grade schoolers that look better.

That’s it. That’s all. Go listen. And send Cory a get well card.


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