Kray Z Comics and Stories 41: Con Job

It’s a Super Sized episode as we highlight the 2011 SpringCon! Yeah, it’s the convention that Cory and Joe have been working on since the late 80’s, which makes them old. And not very bright, since friends don’t let friends work at Comic Book Conventions. We find out that Joe’s internet is NOT made out of moose antlers and get a short science lesson from him. And he’s blinded me, with SCIENCE!

After our lovely sponsors get their plugs, we discuss how Joe is able to get all of his stuff home from Barrow Alaska now that airlines will charge you if you have too much stuff. We would go on about the joys of having too much stuff, but we are interrupted by The Sad News Music, bringing the tale of the death of Tokyopop. Because Cory is a sick bastard, he goes into detail about why the company went under, stories of other companies who run into the same problems and if you are scared about the future of your favorite comic company, GOOD! You should go buy their stuff instead of stealing it off the interwebz, you lousy bums!

Then, it’s time! We talk about SpringCon!! We give the story of where the name came from (as well as why the one day was called MicroCon III for about 5 years in a row. Joe then discusses how he worked the convention when he was a retailer and how comic shops see comic conventions. Here’s a hint, it involves money! They give advice on what to bring as well as when and how to bring your art portfolio! They tell you what to bring to the convention! They talk about the history of the convention’s name! They go on and on about the convention for almost 90 minutes!

Download it and listen!


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