Kray Z Comics and Stories 213: Previews and Balls

Cory and Joe discuss the new issue of Previews as well as the kind of comics they are buying!  There’s a lot on the table this episode, including:

  • Jin is disappointed that her cereal is not all new as promised on the box
  • Joe and Cory!!’s picks for Dark Horse, even thought Dark Horse is probably upset with them
  • At DC, Cory!! talks Kirby as well as what you people would buy for him if you really loved him
  • Jin discusses reading Saga and how much she liked it.
  • Discussion of the new company Aftershock
  • They discuss other comics coming soon that they are excited about
  • Joe discussing how to order the variant covers
  • Joe works at grossing Cory!! out
  • Joe and Cory!! discuss Bob Crane. Yeah, I have no idea what that has to do with comics, but we like Joe so we go with it
  • They discuss the open bar at Match Game.
  • Yeah, the show has gone completely off the rails at this point.
  • Jin is working on selling stuff to afford Christmas already, so go to her Etsy store and use the code Xmas2015
  • While you’re at it, show her you’re a fan and become a Patreon:

There’s freaking and geeking, shenanigans and no one dies this episode, unlike that TV show you like so much.


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