Kray Z Comics and Stories 43: Inhumane Resources

We start the show with Sad News, and I’m betting there will be a LOT of that as we go through the show. Joe is doing the show from bed,,,HELLO, NURSE! Oddly enough, we get to comics fairly early where Joe and Cory talk about what they have been reading lately.

First big sad news leads to a discussion of the constant renumbering of comics and how DC and Marvel don’t seem to know that there are fans who buy books to keep the run going, and we talk about customers who did that.

Back to the comics they were reading, Joe discloses how much he spent on comics last week, and I hope his wife isn’t reading this. You aren’t are you Chris? Some of the comics they like lately are the Green Lantern books, Walking Dead (and Joe goes off on getting a discount card in the middle of this, so it’s a mini-Tales From The Shop.) and the collected Bat Boy. From the Weekly World News.

Yep. They collected that.

We interrupt the program for MORE SAD NEWS! I’m amazed you all aren’t crying now since Lois Lane and Clark Kent will no longer be married. There’s also a discussion about Superman’s new costume and Joe’s theory as to why it was changed. Cory mentions the plethora of “popped collars” in the new costumes, and anyone who knows the 80’s knows what a popped collar means: The guy wearing the shirt is a douchebag. So, instead of DC comics, they will be called DB comics.

You may groan, but the crickets like it. This actually leads to another discussion of the Batman TV show. It’ll be nice once Cory has seen all of them and moves on to some other stupid obsession.

We have our ads for Dreamhost, and Chris B and we talk about job interviews because it is the topic for the current strips on World Wide News. How is this a Tale from the Shop?

We talk about the hiring procedures at a comic shop (SPOILER, it’s not all that organized or planful), the different employees who spent parts of their lives there for next to know money and the love of comics!

All of this and the usual shenanigans!




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