Kray Z Comics and Stories 228: You Sick Bastard

Being sick and comic books don’t seem like things that go together, but Cory!! ending up in the hospital reminds us that when we get sick, we want Comfort and what better to take comfort in than comics! Special Guest Butch drops by and Joe and Cory!! discuss hospital stays, comic books and much more like:

  • What Cory!! has in his go-bag (comics and other things)
  • The 80’s TV event “Special Bulletin”
  • Cory!! going into the hospital 2 days before Christmas as a kid and being given a big stack of comics to read in the hospital
  • Joe having to get people to watch his shop because of his surgery
  • Why nose tubes are evil
  • Cory!! saw the Hateful Eight for Christmas and was ignored by most everyone who said they would wish him a Merry Christmas, so bugger them.
  • Butch doing a run in!!
  • They talk about Driving Cory!! home
  • Butch discusses what he did for Christmas
  • Butch talking about comics he read when he was sick
  • A discussion of Steve Ditko’s current publishing
  • Joe’s eBay stuff

All of this, more than the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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