Kray Z Comics and Stories 232: 2015 In Review

Jin Wicked is Back!  Cory!! and Joe never left!  And now that the crew is all here, they go over the comic sales and news from 2015 and go over the changes int he industry over the last year, as well as discuss the storm clouds on the horizon for 2016.  They also catch up with Jin on what she’s been doing, art-wise, and discuss a TONNE of other topics like:

  • In catching up, we discover Jin has a VERY weird talent when it comes to identifying snack chips.
  • Joe talks about how he would blow out stuff at the end of the year early in the new year to clean out dead product
  • They talk “Operation Galactic Storm”. Have we found Cory!!’s Deathmate?
  • Joe drops out of the call and Cory!! and Jin discuss the what the show would be without Joe
  • And they discuss the cold because they are all in Minnesota and that’s what Minnesotans do. JIN IS NOW ONE OF US! Look forward to her saying “Ya, you betcha” and “Uff da” soon
  • They discuss this column by Brian Hibbs:
    Joe and Cory!! discuss how accurate the sales charts on the internet are
  • Joe does another “Ask the Strode”
  • They discuss the ten best selling comics of the year: SPOILER!! LOTS of media tie-in books.
  • Why the Fantastic Four was canceled and won’t be coming back any time soon
  • Cory and Jin do X-Files discussing while Joe is trying to get his computer to work.
  • Cory tells the story of how he met his bestest friend Jin Wicked and she actually says “Aw” as if she is on “Community”.
  • Joe and Jin decide to crap all over one of Cory’s freakings.
  • We decide once and for all if Cory!! is a Goody Two Shoes or a Lousy Rat Bastard?

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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