Kray Z Comics and Stories 264: Vacationing Kray

Kray is out of town, but the show must go on, so we’ve got substitute host Dangerous Dan Mohr! That’s how easy you can replaced on this show, so Cory!! better look the hell out as he can be replaced with a damp mop. Dan and Cory!! talk about the upcoming Lion Con appearance, and interview the Head Poo-Bah of Lion Con himself Justin Willard:

  • The Hasbro universe coming together at IDW
  • Cory!! explains why the DC Universe didn’t really come together until the 70’s
  • Why Gotham is giving people cognitive dissonance
  • Fixing the problem with the DC movies vs the DC TV shows
  • Dan breaking the rule of improv to mess with a fellow cartoonist
  • Dan tells stories about working at The Source in St Paul and some Nick Post stories.

There’s also freaking and geeking and the usual much, much more!


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