Kray Z Comics and Stories 268: Newsstand Insanity

Cory!! and Joe talk about an article on The Outhousers about how we need to get comics back on newsstands. They talk about pre-ordering comics, why comics won’t work on the newsstands and other issues around the current distribution of comic books and graphic novels.

They also discuss the new Tilting At Windmills about how DC Rebirth is doing well and Marvel’s Civil War 2 isn’t doing as well. Joe and Cory!! talk about how retailers would handle both events and what it means for the future of the comics market.

Tilting at Windmills #253: Was DC’s Rebirth a Commercial Hit… or Failure?

  • Ellison Gift and News
  • The birth of annuals
  • Why comics moved to the direct market
  • How comic retailers were a weird, paranoid lot in the 80’s
  • Comics publishers who died when the newsstands dried up
  • What do returnable comics mean for a comic shop
  • Valiant – Why?
  • Cory!! Screws up and calls Nightwing Nighthawk and Black Knight Dark Knight.  What a moron.

We’ve also got freaking and geeking and the usual Much, Much more!!


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