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Kray Z Comics and Stories 481: Previews October 2020

It’s time for Joe and Cory!! to go through Previews, the catalog of upcoming comics, and let you know what looks cool! We dig through the over 500 page catalog to find the new comics and books that we are interested in and you might be as well!! They also discuss:

  • A reader sends in an Ask The Strode about Saturday Morning Comic #1 from Marvel
  • Joe and Cory!! talk alternative radio in the 90’s in the Twin Cites and how much they loved Rev 10 and how it led to Public Radio’s service The Current
  • Dark Horse’s last comic based on the Alien movies, and Marvel’s first collection based on it all come out the same month.
  • Cory!! does DC all on his own
  • Wait, Chris Claremont works for Marvel exclusively?
  • A rant on how Marvel screwed up the Hobgoblin character

No ads this time, but instead, GO VOTE! You can learn how at

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Kray Z Comics Comics and Stories 274: What Ever Happened To All The Fun In The World

It’s Halloween and Joe and Cory!! talk about…no, not Horror comics, we’ve done that. They talk about FUN comics! They discuss comics that are fun, not just funny, but fun to read. They also talk about

  • Do fun comics sell to super-hero fans?
  • The death of Jack Chick and the comics he created
  • The death of Preacher and Punisher artist Steve Dillon
  • Cory!! works in a reference to “Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut.”
  • Cory!! explains who is a national treasure.

We’ve also got freaking and geeking, the usual shenanigans and the usual much, much more!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 259: Road Trippin On Gas

The dreaded deadline doom has hit, so we’ve got the last of the Road Trip recordings from their Free Comic Book Day road trip from St Cloud. They talk the Captain American movie and all sorts of other amazingly geeky stuff. It’s like sitting in the car while Joe, Butch and Cory!! are driving around!

Just a warning, some of jokes they tell you probably don’t want your children to hear. Or your boss. Or your friends. But you’ll like it.

Upcoming convention appearances:

LionCon August 27th 2016 is St Cloud MN:

Blizzard World Minneapolis ComiCon Aug 6th 2016


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Kray Z Comics and Stories 253: Comics and Pizzas

Adam Vermillion of Panels and Pizza joins us to talk comics! His podcast is here!

We’ve all gotten together to talk about DC Rebirth and the new Captain America comics that created so much internet fervor! What worked, what didn’t, and did comic book fans over-react?


They also discuss:

  • They review more free comic book day books
  • Jin created the comics idea Strawberry Streetwalker
  • How was the DC Rebirth for a non-DC fan and an old school DC fan
  • What are the meta-textural implications of using the Watchmen characters
  • Cory!! explains the term meta-textural
  • They discuss how bringing back the legacy idea to the DC Universe helps readers care more about the books
  • Cory references Kasper the Dead Baby from Crazy Magazine
  • Comic book fans lose their minds over Captain America #1
  • Jin explains why she hates Star Wars
  • Jin and Adam attack Joe’s pizza premise

Freaking and Geeking, the proverbial Much, Much More and TONS o’ comic talk!!  It’s a Super Sized episode, so enjoy!!

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A Rare Blog Post full of thanks as the Road to #250 continues!

Tomorrow, I release episode #250 of Kray Z Comics and Stories.   Add in the solo podcasts of myself and Joe Rider, we’ve got over 500 hours of audio. Damn. When we started this silliness back in 2010, I had no idea where we were going with it and the fact that we’re where we are amazes me. I want to dole out some thanks:

To my heterosexual life partner, my brother from another mother, and co-host Joe Rider. You’ve always been there, you offer great ideas, bring the funny and without you, there is no podcast.

To my best friend in the whole known universe, Jin Wicked. You are a fun addition to the show, have sent us off in new directions, brought in new listeners, remind me just how much I love working on creative things with you and so much more.

To Dan Mohr, you are always fun to have on the show, you fit in perfectly when we want to celebrate and always bring laughter. Not just your own infectious laugh, but you make me laugh like a damn fool.

To Butch, you have always been a great addition to anything we do, and when you are on the show, you bring that geeky joy and love of all comics. It’s amazing having you back and I wish you’d be around every time, just like when we were in the shop, I looked forward to the days you hung out with us.  BE ON THE DAMN SHOW MORE!!!

To Terrance Griep, you broke my interview cherry! Thanks for being my first and being such a pal over the years. You made it so easy I interview people all the damn time now!

Kat Rocha and Josh Finney – You guys are AWESOME! You took me seriously, brought great conversation and in more ways than I can say, gave us a kick up a couple of levels by not just doing an interview, but helping me learn more about my craft in doing this. YOU were the ones who helped people take what we do seriously.

Patrick McEvoy – Not only did you do what Kat and Josh did, but sitting with you to do the commentary of Kirby took an idea I had and made it into something very cool. I’ll talk funny books with you any time.

Matt Brundage – Not only are you a great artist, but a wonderfully cool individual with great stories and helped the podcast gain more popularity and prestige, and I can’t thank you enough.

Peter Rios – your advice has always been spot on, your encouragement has been invaluable and the clarity you bring to this weird field of comics podcasting is a guiding light. You are the Comics Podcasting Godfather and I am grateful you’ve always been quick to help when I have a question.

I can’t go on and on about everyone I have had on, but, trust me, I am grateful to each and every person who has sat down to share their story with us. Everyone has stories and yours have been fascinating.

And finally, the people who listen, e-mail, tweet, review, share and everything else: I am your humble servant. Without you, it’s just Joe and I blathering about comic books, and I am incredible grateful to each and every one of you. When you tell me that our podcast is your driving companion, helped you find a new comic, made you laugh, got you through a tough time or just gave you something fun to listen to, it means the world to me.

And now, things get bigger. Saturday and Sunday, we livestream a convention. This summer, we’ve got all kinds of great stuff coming, including some big time interviews, more freaking and geeking, more shenanigans and, as always, much, much more!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 59: Haven of Dreams

The episode starts with Joe going on and on about Sid and Marty Kroft TV shows. Your guess is as good as ours. Joe then asks to jump right into Tales from the Shop, where he discusses a person who made it show he could collect comics out in the open.

We leave tales from the shop and go into Sad News: Hostess is now bankrupt. This leads to reflections on Dolly Madison, how Hostess stores make Cory sad and the Peanuts comic book. They also have the new Geeking and Freaking segment! This leads to a discussion of what Cory!! is doing on his overnights and how he is freaking about all of the great geeky TV shows that are filling up his DVR. Joe talks about brainwashing his daughter into reading Grant Morrison comics, and let’s be honest, if she’s reading Grant Morrison, he shouldn’t be surprised if she starts doing a lot of hallucinogens.

This leads to a discussion of how Marvel is letting their trades go out of print, the business reasons Disney bought Marvel and more stuff around the business end of things. And it’s NOT as boring as watching CNBC. Sorry if you LIKE CNBC, but it’s a great sleep aid for normal human beings.

Joe and Cory then discuss how Dreamhaven books (which has been open for 35 years) will no longer have regular store hours. They will be at the Goodbye Party on 1/28/2012, so YOU should show up too! They talk about how Dreamhaven’s business is changing, and how the comic store business is changing, as well as their personal history of the store, comic shops in the Twin Cities and other information about comic shops and the comics business. All of this and the proverbial much much more!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 48: 52 Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo) or Dem Old Ordering Blues

Cory wants to dive right into finishing up the order projections on DC’s 52 new #1s, but Joe gets things off track, as he always does, by talking about putting together orders at his old comic shop. After they get done with that silliness, they dive back into what they would order on the DC Reboot if they still worked at and/or owned a comic shop.

After they get done with the rundown of order figures, Cory goes on a HUGE rant on how DC isn’t doing their part to help the retailers by laying out an ad campaign. After they get done, they talk about the comics Joe is buying in New Mexico, watching TV through streaming and other shenanigans.

At the end, we shove in the ads including an ad for Chris B …and there is a CONTEST where people can send in lyrics to the Tales from the Shop theme and win fabulous prizes!

All this and much much more!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 45: Black and White Memories II: Electric Boogaloo

It’s the second part of our two part episode on the history of black and white comics and the boom and bust of the mid 80’s, so we have a familiar announcer get us all caught up on what has gone before.

We start up by explained what is going on with black and white comics and how they were affecting comics distribution in 1987 while Joe KEEPS interrupting with his theory about Gilligan’s Island. I would give a long descriptions of what goes on, but I’m just wanting to get the darn thing up and go to bed, so listen to it yourself, fanboy!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 43: Inhumane Resources

We start the show with Sad News, and I’m betting there will be a LOT of that as we go through the show. Joe is doing the show from bed,,,HELLO, NURSE! Oddly enough, we get to comics fairly early where Joe and Cory talk about what they have been reading lately.

First big sad news leads to a discussion of the constant renumbering of comics and how DC and Marvel don’t seem to know that there are fans who buy books to keep the run going, and we talk about customers who did that.

Back to the comics they were reading, Joe discloses how much he spent on comics last week, and I hope his wife isn’t reading this. You aren’t are you Chris? Some of the comics they like lately are the Green Lantern books, Walking Dead (and Joe goes off on getting a discount card in the middle of this, so it’s a mini-Tales From The Shop.) and the collected Bat Boy. From the Weekly World News.

Yep. They collected that.

We interrupt the program for MORE SAD NEWS! I’m amazed you all aren’t crying now since Lois Lane and Clark Kent will no longer be married. There’s also a discussion about Superman’s new costume and Joe’s theory as to why it was changed. Cory mentions the plethora of “popped collars” in the new costumes, and anyone who knows the 80’s knows what a popped collar means: The guy wearing the shirt is a douchebag. So, instead of DC comics, they will be called DB comics.

You may groan, but the crickets like it. This actually leads to another discussion of the Batman TV show. It’ll be nice once Cory has seen all of them and moves on to some other stupid obsession.

We have our ads for Dreamhost, and Chris B and we talk about job interviews because it is the topic for the current strips on World Wide News. How is this a Tale from the Shop?

We talk about the hiring procedures at a comic shop (SPOILER, it’s not all that organized or planful), the different employees who spent parts of their lives there for next to know money and the love of comics!

All of this and the usual shenanigans!



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Hello world!

This is the home of Kray Z Comics and Stories, and upcoming podcast from Joe “Kray Z” Rider and Cory!! Strode, the best dressed man in comics.  Bookmark the site and stay tuned, because it’s starting sooner than you think!

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