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Kray Z Comics and Stories 28: Pie!

It’s a potpourri this week, as we start with a discussion of comic book artist Steve Rude auctioning off art and other things to help stave off foreclosure. This leads to discussions about Rude’s art, the foreclosure mess and generally everything else connected to the issue.

We then discuss Comic Cover variants as we talk about how we run the Charity table at the FallCon. We then, FINALLY get to our ads and plugs, and by the time we get to them, we’re exhausted and giddy.

We take a call about our Wildstorm episode which Joe then takes in a direction about damaged comics and Ho-Hos. While we have plugs, we discover there is a studio audience. That’s right, a studio audience! And while discussing this news story: Cory goes into the story of how he wrote for Solson Comics and was the next writer to take over “Reagan’s Raiders”…thankfully the company went under before anyone drew any of those horrid scripts…which leads into the idea for Strode-a-pedia!

Finally, we get to what Joe and Cory have been reading, for Joe it was “Claws” by Linsner, Persepolis, and he watched a DVD of our Patron Saint, Charles Nelson Reilly. They then discuss both the movie and the comic Kick-Ass! When Cory explains about why he hasn’t read a lot lately, they discuss comics that Cory found on a date at antique stores. All this and much, much more, and will we find out if Cory’s girlfriend likes….pie?

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