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Kray Z Comics and Stories 29: Back in Black

We start the show with Joe being uncomfortable about a lot of things and reminding people to vote. We then get a workout from the crickets with 4 appearances in the first 10 minutes of the show! We have our usual plugs including the 1st anniversary of the webstrip World Wide News ( and a $20 discount for starting a webpage with using the code Krayz.

We talk about the Minnesota one day convention we attended, with Cory talking about the crowd and Joe talking about what he was able to buy, with stories about buying comics in the Twin Cities in the 80’s. This leads to a discussion of the new Walking Dead TV series and how successful it was. This leads to Sad News of Caprica and Young Allies canceled. This leads us to talking about the plethora of mini-series that come out before a Marvel movie comes out.

They then touch on the state of comics sales and how being able to get bargains at shops and conventions is ultimately bad for the shops and the comics industry in general. We also discuss Cory’s personal life which leads to a story of children not knowing who William Shatner is, and a story of a Disco Party Room at one of his part-time jobs.

We finish up with talking about the comics we have read over the last few weeks.

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