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Kray Z Comics and Stories 34: RIP Wizard

Wizard Magazine has died! Cory and Joe discuss the magazine, the history of comics fan magazines, how Wizard fueled the speculator boom and a number of related topics. We also have the usual shenanigans, including spoilers on Walking Dead, Fantastic Four, The Sixth Sense and other movies; what’s going on in Barrow Alaska; and the debut of the Censor Cat!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 33: Rickrolled

We start up by giving the story of how Cory!! left his part time theater job for a new full-time job! Finally! Because he has some time between jobs, he took a trip to his hometown and found that they had opened TWO new comic shops. Joe, however, is amazed at the sun coming up in Barrow Alaska for a grand total of 20 minutes. We have more of the usual shenanigans, but quickly go to Sad New: The Comics Code is dead. Cory!! gives a history lesson on how comics sales were affected in the 50’s, and how the code did NOT cause the collapse in comic books sales, TV and distribution issues are what nearly killed comics in the 50’s.

Joe discusses his reading of the Walking Dead Omnibus and we debut the new Spoiler Alert Sound (created by guinea pigs…REALLY!!), and we talk about about the older series Deadworld and how it is different from Walking Dead.

We then finally dig into what we said we would last time, and do some analysis on the best selling comics of the year and why we think they sold the best as well as more evidence that while we all talk about not buying 3.99 books, the 3.99 books are what sell. There is also a discussion of market share, dollar share and other things that drive comic company profits and why they will be doing new events in order to drive people into the stores.

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