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Kray Z Comics and Stories 20: OK Soda!

Joe’s still in Alaska, Cory!! is still looking for a full-time job and we delve right into talking about Rat Bastard Root Beer! We talk about how the shop started carrying Rat Bastard Root Beer, as well as other strange sodas, one of which caused a comics artist to think we’d poisoned him! We also talk about using the sodas there to pull a prank around drug testing. We even talk about Joe’s obsession with OK Soda!

But, this IS a comic book radio show, so we eventually discuss comic books, by talking about how we would actually get the new comics into the stores as “New Comics Day” kept changing. Cory gets horribly distracted during the ad and talks about running between two jobs all weekend. We cover a couple of news stories about comics, including that the Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting the San Diego Comic Con for 45 whole minutes this year!!! There are also some comics stores related to San Diego announcements as well as dealer rumors. We end the show talking about Harvey Pekar’s passing, so we end on kind of a downer, but it’s another exciting episode of the world Longest Running Episodic Comic Book Podcast!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 19: Pog-Mania

We’re not talking about late comics any more!! After 3 episodes on late comics, it’s back to the shenanigans you’ve come to expect from us. Joe downs a 40, as we finally are able to connect over the Alaskan internets. Then, Joe talks about what he’s been reading up in Alaska and Cory explains his Box Day adventures, dealing with two jobs and the neighborhood cats thinking he’s their best friend.

There’s also facebook news, Fox News is upset about the new Wonder Woman costume, and sad news before we get into tales from the shop! Joe and Cory tell stories about their days in comics shops, starting with the rise and fall of pogs, comic shop spies, the Teenage Fan Club of the shop and tattoo parlors!

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