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Kray Z Comics and Stories 82: Obscurities

Joe is on the road again, but he explains how he was “Leaving Las Vegas.” Thankfully, he didn’t do it the way Nic Cage tried to do by drinking himself to death while hanging out with Elizabeth Shue.

We play catch up and discuss:

  • Joe talks about a book that purports to tell the story of Area 51
  • Joe picked up the comics he couldn’t wait for like Spider-Man, The 6 Million Dollar Man, Popeye,
  • Tales from the shop where we talk about what shops do that cause people to quit buying there as well as things comics fans do that make stores upset.
  • Obscure comic book characters like
  • Marvel’s Scarecrow
  • Danny the Street
  • Death’s Head

We also talk about

  • The new season of Doctor Who
  • Avenging Spider-Man
  • Infernal Man-Thing

As well as the usual shenanigan and the proverbial much, much more!




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