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Kray Z Comics and Stories 27: R.I.P. Wildstorm

After we definitively prove that Joe doesn’t listen to or remember the show, we introdeuce our new sponsor:, and if you want a new website enter the code Krayz and get $20 off your new website. We also go through the plugs we have for the FallCon, the local one day comic convention, where YOU could go for free if you NAME the KrayZ Comics and Stories Crickets.

We start into the normal portion of the show, if you can call it normal, by playing our first listener call, which praises the shower scene in Resident Evil IV. Cory then relates how he got beat up by his part-time job. Then, about 15 minutes into the show, we actually get to comic books as Cory and Joe go over what they’ve been reading and recommending lately.

We then go into BIG Sad News, DC’s reorganization, the end of Wildstorm, Zuda, and the NEW DC Editor in Chief. We discuss the history of Wildstorm, how it sold in the shop and other impressions of the news. As we talk about Editors in Chief, Cory reads a letter that Vince Colletta (DC and Marvel inker) sent to the editors at Marvel after Shooter was fired and he was no longer getting work. The letter is here:

When then shift topics and get into how Joe would take Polaroids of comics creators at the local conventions to get their autograph, but before that he got head sketches, and they are all now on line at:

And why does Cory keep dodging the question of why he didn’t watch Sharktopus on Saturday after bothering us about it for the last two months? All this and the usual Shenanigans on this weeks Kray Z Comics and Stories!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 26: Atlas Returns

Joe is hooked on candy corn as if it were black tar heroin as we start the show (and he’s tapping his candy corn dish for the first minute or so). First, we announce a contest with a prize for the upcoming Minneapolis one day convention. As we go through the plugs, we discuss Resident Evil 3, Make-A-Wish and other things connected to the stuff we do.

We talk about what’s going on in their lives other than comics, such as how Cory’s cat thinks he’s a moron, Joe’s pets don’t like their cages, silly things going on at Cory’s part-time job and the joy of pointing out casual racism. Then they discuss the comics they’ve been reading over the last week, and yes, amazingly enough Joe HAS read Spider-Man!! That’s right, we don’t get to comics until about 20 minutes into the show.

Cory then finds a press release about the return of Atlas, so we talk about the origin of the name Atlas, the Atlas/Seaboard company of the mid 70’s and what the new Atlas might be. We then get into how comics fans and retailers deal with new Super-Hero universes and how books like that do well in the market. All this and much, more more…and more appearances by the Kray Z Comics and Stories Crickets (shamelessly stolen from Wrestlecrap radio).

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 25: August Sales Figures

We start off with a bang as Joe is shot out of a cannon, firing off plugs, jokes and comics he’s read as well as other shenanigans to get you caught up on what’s going on the world of Kray Z Comics and stories. We wholeheartedly steal a bit from Wrestlecrap radio by having OFFICIAL Kray Z Comics and Stories crickets who make a pair of appearances.

We then discuss the recent sales figures showing not a single book sold over 100K, the fact that Tom Brevoort wonders about a lack of enthusiasm among fans. Why do we think that is? What is going on in comic shops? How does digital affect sales? All of this and the usual silliness in this week’s Kray Z Comics and Stories!

Oh, and one week until Sharktopus!

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Kray Z Comics and Stories 24: Back From Outer Space

It’s a hodgepodge of news and comics talk as Joe is back from outer space…sorry, Alaska…and he’s getting back to being able to pick up comics, milk and see movies. We discuss the big news going on in comics, show deep love for the upcoming Octoshark and talk about how Joe had to pick up an enormous amount of books upon his return after three months away from civilization. We have Sad News, Breaking News and the return of the Kray Z Crickets!

After a break, Joe and Cory discuss the new direction on Superman, the many MANY new directions Wonder Woman has had and finally Batman, which Cory is truly, madly, deeply in love with while Grant Morrison is writing it. They then come up with an idea: Grant Morrison writing Little Dot and taking over the Harvey Universe!

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