Kray Z Comics and Stories 25: August Sales Figures

We start off with a bang as Joe is shot out of a cannon, firing off plugs, jokes and comics he’s read as well as other shenanigans to get you caught up on what’s going on the world of Kray Z Comics and stories. We wholeheartedly steal a bit from Wrestlecrap radio by having OFFICIAL Kray Z Comics and Stories crickets who make a pair of appearances.

We then discuss the recent sales figures showing not a single book sold over 100K, the fact that Tom Brevoort wonders about a lack of enthusiasm among fans. Why do we think that is? What is going on in comic shops? How does digital affect sales? All of this and the usual silliness in this week’s Kray Z Comics and Stories!

Oh, and one week until Sharktopus!


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