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Kray Z Comics and Stories 32: 30 Days of Night Comics

We start with a discussion of the Spider-Man musical, nuclear explosions and our sponsors! We then find out that Joe is in Barrow Alaska! That’s right, the northernmost town in the US. Joe discusses the comics he’s been able to find up in the frozen tundra.

We then have sad news about Cory’s job hunt. Well good news for him, but bad news for listeners. Joe talks about getting food in Alaska where milk is $10 a gallon, and what he’s been reading up in the land of eternal night. This lead to talking about serialized reading, and attempts in the early 90’s to keep people going to bookstores. It must not have worked since Border’s is nearly dead and EVERYONE knows it’s sick. How does this affect comics? We discuss that!

Comics-wise, we discuss going more digital in today’s world, the changes in Marvel and DC management…which then leads Joe to talk about how hard it is to buy booze in Alaska.

After all of these shenanigans, we dive into the theme of the episode: What do we want from comics companies in 2011!

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