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Kray Z Comics and Stories Episode 51: Red Skies At Night

It’s the end. The LAST episode hosted by your charming and delightful old Uncle Rat Bastard and Joe “Kray Z” Rider as they are being replaced by younger, less continuity driven hosts as a result of Flashpoint.

Joe is still in New Mexico and the Hastings shop has FINALLY started getting new comics right as he is leaving. They discuss some of the new DC #1s and other comic book buying adventures in New Mexico. They also discuss the comic shop in North Carolina that tried to start a boycott of Grant Morrison using “GD” as a grunt in a word balloon. What a MarOON! Rather than spend the next hour talking about this bobo, we go into the ONE comic Joe refused to stock in this shop.

There is more discussion over the new DC Reboot as well as Flashpoint and other comics discussion. They also discuss the ad for DC comics that was played during Doctor Who. Do we need to spoil the ads in Doctor Who? Those fans get MAD if stuff is spoiled…also, SPOILER the guy in the Cialas commercial is able to get his boner after all.

They then get to Their Three Favorite Comic Book Endings.

What were they?


Geez. Do we have to do it all for you?

After they discuss their three favorite endings, they go into Tales From The Shop, Sponsored by Chris B, who is on the Best Day Ever Tour which YOU can support by buying a CD or something else at THIS webpage!

We finish the show talking about the party that was thrown when Joe sold off his first comic shop.

Well, that and red skies.

All this and the usual shenanigans!

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