Kray Z Comics and Stories 60: Before Before Watchmen

Joe begins the episode by explaining who the city of Chaska is named after. I can’t explain the stuff, I just tell you about it. When they start talking comics, they discuss the closing of Dreamhaven Books, the people they met there, the celebration Dreamhaven held and the stuff they bought. After they talk about the shop, Cory talks about his running through all four seasons of Mad Men in two weeks, DVD commentary and redheads. Always redheads.

When we do Geeking and Freaking, Cory is geeking about Spider-Man and the AMC lineup while Joe is geeking on giveaway comics.

Oh, enough of the prelims. Cory and Joe talk about “Before Watchmen!” They argue and…OK, Cory bellyaches about it and Joe is much more reasonable. They also discuss the issues of creator’s rights, history around Watchmen and much, much more. All of this and the usual shenanigans!


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