Kray Z Comics and Stories 63: Cricketpalooza

Joe and Cory start talking about SpringCon, the big 2 day convention in St. Paul. Big warning, Joe must have found a joke book, since he’s all over the place for most of the episode. They jump in with Geeking and Freaking.

Cory is geeking on the special issue of Jack Kirby Collector 58 that goes into detail on the 102 issue run of the Fantastic Four. Cory is also reading the new Creeper hardcover filled with stories by Steve Ditko

Joe is geeking on the upcoming Dr Who/ Star Trek crossover and the Star Trek novel he took out to New Jersey with him. He discusses how the books are moving forward with the TV continuity and how they are using the Borg in the novels. Cory also chimes in about the novels he is reading, the Elmore Leonard “Raylan Givens” novels. He couldn’t remember the name, but the one he is reading is “Riding the Rap” and the other one is Pronto.

This leads to a discussion of DVD commentaries and different version fo movies and if you need to buy them or not and why Cory won’t buy Blue Ray.

Freaking leads to a discussion of comics sales figures (Cory thinks they are pretty scary), which actually leads to a talk about downloading stuff from iTunes and a LOAD of Walking Dead spoilers. The other freaking Cory has is that Marvel is going to a Self-Cover format. What is Self Cover? LISTEN TO THE DAMN EPISODE!!! Geez, people, do we have to do everything for you?



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