Kray Z Comics and Stories 301: Kray Reviewables

Episode 300 is in the past, and with 301, we talk about how we have more episodes than some successful TV series and then we get into how Marvel is flooding the market. JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO.

After catching up on the comics market, we review a BUNCH of comics we’ve been sent to review and books we’ve read:

  • James Bond: Hammerhead
  • Bullwhip #1
  • Axis – Avengers vs X-Men
  • Silver Surfer #10
  • Dr. Who: Prisoners of Time
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25
  • Wolverine Election Day
  • Marvel Firsts: The 90’s
  • American Gods
  • X-Men Blue
  • Daredevil/Batman
  • Chris Cross
  • Gen13/Generation X

And, as a bonus, Cory!! confesses he had implants.  Wait, what?

Then, we have Ask The Strode, freaking and geeking, and the usual shenanigans!!


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