Kray Z Comics and Stories 65: New York City?

We begin by discussing a possible guest appearance by Charles Nelson Reilley AND the “Beach Party” movies. No, really, it’s a comic book podcast that makes a Eric Von Zipper reference less than 3 minutes in!

Other topics discussed are:

-The finale of “Comic Book Men

-Joe’s trip into New York City (Spoiler: He doesn’t see any Marvel Super-heroes or the Avengers Tower)

-Toys R Us in NYC

-Joe gives a history lesson with his visit to the Intrepid.

-Joe goes to Midtown Comics (one of the biggest comic shops in NYC)

-What they’ve been reading lately

-Who would win between the Borg and the Daleks

-Geeking and Freaking

-Some of the worst left turns in comics and comic strips

All this and the usual shenanigans!


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