Kray Z Comics and Stories 312: Marvel Dream Teams Part 1

Joe and Cory!! discuss their Dream Teams on comics! Dream teams are teams that we’d LOVE to see, even if they don’t get along, wouldn’t work for the company or get a comic out every month. These are DREAMS. Like when that hot brunette gives you her phone number instead of telling you she’d rather be hit by a truck than get coffee with you.

They start with Marvel and go over who they would like to see take over the following books:

  • Avengers
  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Spectacular Spider-Man
  • Hulk
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Wolverine
  • New Avengers
  • Daredevil
  • Doctor Strange

Want to know who they choose? YOU HAVE TO LISTEN, FANBOY!!

They also discuss:

  • They discuss some local conventions and how “stars” don’t drive traffic to comic book conventions.
  • Cory!! drops the dirt on the “news” about Ike Permutter not being CEO of Marvel any more.
  • Why in the blue hell does Joe keep calling it the Darling Adventures of Supergirl?

That’s not all! They discuss much much more, indulge in the usual shenangians and try to explain to Cory!! how a vacation works.

SPOILER: It doesn’t work.


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