Kray Z Comics and Stories 318: Kray Z Panels and Pizza

The host of Panels and Pizza, Adam Vermillion is is sitting in for Joe in the first part of the Big Summer Crossover! It’s starts here and concludes on Panels and Pizza on Wednesday!  They sit down at Red’s Savoy Pizza in Edina MN to talk about comics, the local Minneapolis/St. Paul comics scene, making podcasts and comics.  LOTS of comics!

Now, you’ll want to head over to Adam’s Panels and Pizza podcast for Part 2, as well as his interviews with Minnesota comic book creators at:

We discuss

  • The New Comic Book Day comedy show in Minneapolis
  • They discuss Adam’s upcoming move to Iowa
  • They discuss comics sales figures, so Cory!! wonders if conventions are doing anything to help comics sales
  • They discuss the recent convention in Albert Lea MN and how the people involved pulled off a first time convention in a small town
  • How TV commercials got Adam to read comic books

All of this, all NEW shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more!


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