Kray Z Comics and Stories 321: A 3 Hour Tour!

Cory!! had last weekend off, so what did he and Joe do? They went on a Road Trip to Duluth!! The Dark Knight episode is delayed for a week as they talk about their trip, the shops that they hit while they were up there and Betty’s Pies! The shops they hit were:

  • Globe News
  • Level Up Games
  • Rogue Robot
  • Collector’s Connection
  • Toy Galaxy

They also discuss:

  • Why do people hate Wal-Mart and love Amazon
  • Books that would have come out from Marvel in the 60’s if their distribution was better
  • Archie, with Fawcett on their cover? What? And what does Fawcett comics have to do with a festival in Robbinsdale, MN?
  • The difference between Duluth MN and Superior, WI.
  • What happens when gamer 15 year olds are without supervision
  • The odd connection between comic shops and the porn crackdown of the 1980’s.
  • Shinder’s history and why comics shops put in security systems in the 90’s.
  • Why there are so few Golden Age comics in the Twin Cities

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!



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