Kray Z Comics and Stories 324: The Last Ride of P and J Comics

Cory!! is back from Central Illinois and Joe sold off a bunch of stuff at FallCon closing down the long reign of P&J Comix! Joe gives an update on how the MCBA Fall ComiCon did for himself and other dealers. They then talk about their monthly comics order showing up, the things they are excited about in the new Previews and a LOT MORE, like:

  • Joe has another confession
  • How Warren Ellis deal with a cliffhanger during his run of Hellstorm.
  • Cory!! rants about a jerk retailer at the New York ComiCon
  • Is Cory!!’s comic box actually Laura Palmer in disguise?
  • We have discovered that Joe and Cory!! disagree on the Flash Gordon cartoon of the late 70’s. Joe is wrong, of course, and Cory!! can say that, because he writes these.
  • How and why Garth Ennis got the Punisher right.
  • They recommend the collected Neil the Horse and discuss the creator Arn Saba/Katherine Collins
  • Cory!! discusses the state of EC reprints

All of this, the usuual shenanigans and as always, Much, Much More!!


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