Kray Z Comics and Stories 338: How Comic Shops Can Survive Lean Times

When we start today, Joe is angry. ANGRY about Skype messing with him. After we get him calmed down, we have an episode that follows a theme we haven’t done in a long, long time. Normally, Joe and Cory!! talk comics, but with over 50 comic shops closing in the first month of 2018, we give solid advice on how a comic shop can diversify the product they sell. Joe has over 15 years of comics retail, and goes over all sorts of different things you can do to raise your cash flow.

They discuss things that shops can sell in addition to comics, as well as things connected to comics that can bring in local and non-comics traffic, such as:

  • How to start selling candy and snacks
  • What sort of candy sells at comic shops (mostly the retro and “odd stuff’)
  • Skeleteens Sodas!
  • Orbitz. So 90’s!
  • How to get a vending machine or a soda machine
  • Toys and action figures that work in comic shops
  • Collectible statues
  • Why don’t paperback books sell in comic shops?
  • Why magazines don’t work
  • Coloring books

That don’t mean there ain’t no comics talk, as they discuss freaking and geeking, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!

Our closing music is from Misery of Flight:


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