Kray Z Comics and Stories 340: Cory is Stupid

Cory!! and Joe have got nothin’, so they just chat about comics! It’s a virtual buffet of comics talk such as:

  • The greatest breakfast cereal ever!
  • What is happening with Marvel’s “Counter Earth”?
  • Cory!! covering the Royal Rumble for
  • Cory!! read some old kid’s comics
  • Joe is at the airport job, getting ready for the Super Bowl onslaught.
  • Cory!! talks about the future of the group home he works at
  • Omnibuseses and women in huge SUVs.
  • Valiant has been brought by a new company
  • Cory!! and Joe discuss a coming controversy with a comic artist
  • Why not to put a waffle iron near your bed.

All fo this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more!


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