Kray Z Comics and Stories 72: Joe Can’t Go

We start off filling people in on how The Avengers has done since it opened. And since we recorded, Avengers has crossed the one BILLION mark world wide. It’s the week before SpringCon, the 24th annual Big Convention in Minnesota, so Cory and Joe are going to talk about Conventions!

Topics include:

-Guests who will be at the convention

-The charity table Cory and Joe run

-Advice on coming to this (or any other) comic book convention

-Stuff to bring and some things you haven’t thought of to bring to a comic convention

-Tales from the shop: What did Joe do with his shop while he was at the convention?

-Joe hit 3 comic shops in New York in his New York Adventures!

-Geeking and Freaking

All this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial Much Much more!


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