Kray Z Comics and Stories 356: Might As Well Be Solo Joe

For you it’s only been a week, but for Joe and Cory!! it’s been TWO weeks. Joe worked the charity table at the 2 day Minneapolis ComiCon and then went on a week’s vacation, and does he have stories about it! So many stories. Endless stories. OK, he pretty much dominates the episode with his stories, so if you have been waiting for a new episode of Solo Joe, you might was well could this episode, since he is shot out of a cannon and never loses steam!

He and Cory!! also talk about:

  • More stories of the origin of Hot Comics St Paul
  • Joe got to hold some Ditko art
  • Cory!! was able to get Joe to buy art at a convention without even going to one
  • Joe discusses the books he picked up at the Minneapolis convention.
  • Cory!! takes a nap while Joe fills us in on his vacation
  • Cory!! discusses why he sold off most of his original art

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more Joe!


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